EXC!TiNG Tasks

T1: Theory

Task leader: E. K. U. Gross
M1: Response-based methods: TDDFT
M2: Response-based methods: exchange-correlation kernels
M3: Perturbational methods: GW
M4: Perturbational methods: BSE and density-matrix approaches
M5: Improvement of groundstate calculations
M6: Comparison of different approaches

T2: Codes

Task leader: C. Ambrosch-Draxl
M7: Code development in TDDFT
M8: GW within different methods
M9: BSE and density-matrix approaches in LAPW
M10: Raman spectroscopy
M11: Nonlinear optical processes
M12: Photoemission and inverse photoemission
M13: General-purpose code EXCITING

T3: Materials

Task leader: W. Hübner
M14: Linear and nonlinear optics and Raman scattering of semiconductors and oxides
M15: Linear and non-linear optical properties of simple metals and magnetic films
M16: Spatial distribution of excitons in polymers; role of interchain interaction
M17: Photoemission and inverse photoemission of semiconductors and superconductors
M18: Nonlinear optical processes in molecules
M19: Nonlinear optical properties of diluted magnetic semiconductors and garnet ferrites
M20: Mapping of ab-initio results to a phenomenological treatment of nanostructures
M21: Comparison of correlations in different spectroscopies
M22: Comparison of correlations in different materials